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In a world full of stars Adam Afara definitely shines. He is a success story that he has built on fabulous floral’s, wonderful weddings and an impressive portfolio of celebrity clientele.

Specialising in ‘Couture Floral Designs’, Adam, along with his dedicated team of professionals collaborates closely with their clients to guarantee that their plans and visions are met, and executed to perfection. Eighteen years in the business not only brings amazing memories, but the most impressive of weddings, where the themes and trends change as much as bridal fashion.

However Adam is at the forefront of the wedding industry with unique and luxury concepts, installations and centrepieces that bring beauty and amazement each time. With iconic and distinctive style it’s inevitable that Adam made a name for himself with an array of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Haifa Wehbe and Lady Gaga. Working with them on incredible projects such as music videos set designs, or luxury exclusive events.

However, with Adam’s most-recent client being the Arab Diva; Ahlam. The superstar was performing within the magical, world-famous Music Centre Walt Disney Concert Hall, of all places the place synonymous with childhood fairy tales and fantasies. The event was on August the 18th and not only did she do an incredible performance, Adam created an equally as stunning, luxurious and regal floral decor throughout, matching the theatrical standards effortlessly.

Arab Diva, Ahlam, pictured within her event, at the world-famous Music Centre Walt Disney Concert Hall

With such accolades comes recognition, which he has mastered. To date, Events by Adam Afara has been awarded several awards that the industry selects to give to specific achievers, such as the Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award, which he has been awarded since the year 2010 through until 2017 consecutively, and The Knot Best of Weddings Award in 2014, 2015 and 2016. As well as landing the cover of Ceremony Magazine in 2013, and recently appearing on the Cover of EV Magazine with an extensive interview. Proving he is a star within his own right, through his passion of floral’s, wonderful weddings and extraordinary event designs.

You are incredibly successful and well-known globally, did you ever envision this whilst you were younger?

To be honest, not really, I never thought about it. I just did what I loved the most and worked hard at it, resulting in success.

Flowers are a universal symbol of love and friendship, what do they mean to you?

To me, they are my medium, to express my Art within, thus they inspire me to create beauty in different shapes and designs.

What is the fondest memory from your wedding events?

I don’t have a particular memory as such, however, I do like seeing the happy faces of the bride and groom, and this makes all of our efforts worthwhile to see their pure joy and love.

Adam Afara with Jennifer Lopez

Celebrities and stars are known for lavish lifestyles, however, do you see a difference within a pattern from female and male, in what they prefer within flowers, themes and designs?

Yes, there is a difference, such as women usually want more of what they envisioned and just want my help into making it happen within my interpretation. However, men on the other hand, they leave the idea, concept and design to me and want me to do the entire thing. The one thing in common they do have is taste and high expectations.

You recently created the stunning setting for famous Arab diva Ahlam, at The Music Centre Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA. How did it feel being within the presence of such a recognised name?

I was so honoured to be chosen by the Queen, the Diva Ahlam- to do the entire decor for the extravagant event. I created a stunning decor throughout; I concentrated on making the stage beautiful, the entrance very welcoming and the VIP room as special as can be.

With it being the Walt Disney concert Hall, did the past and the magical stories created by the legend inspire your designs and decor in any way?

Disney will always be a classic; however, I tried to keep it extremely elegant and luxurious which does show a princess theme in a way.

Adam Afara with Paris Hilton

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Events by Adam Afara